The Riders of the Sikh Motorcycle Club of the Northeast, for BuzzFeed News

“At the end of the day, it’s my journey,” he said of his faith. “The one thing I can say is wholly mine.” But it helps to be around people who, through ways implicit and explicit, remind him why he has chosen the life he has.


What Happened When Nuns Tried to Kick-Start India’s First Transgender School, for The Atlantic

Sister Pavithra doesn’t appear bothered by the Church’s ideological split regarding trans people. “We take them all up,” she said simply. “We are 6,000 sisters. We have so many institutions. We are known to the society. Unless and until we take them up, how will they come up?”


A Boxing Club That Helps Trans People Embrace Their Bodies, for BuzzFeed News

What’s at stake for these amateurs, rather than prize money or televised glory, is something more personal, and more interior. Boxing has become a way for the collective’s members to bend and shape their own understandings of the masculine, the feminine, and the in-between. It’s a way to reckon with their shape and muscle, and with who they are within their bodies.


The Nuns of Harlem

A photo essay for the New York TImes


New York City Has Its Own Fund to Bail People Out of Jail, for The Atlantic

“Here is the blueprint for the Liberty Fund: We do a very good job, and in three or five years we have the stats for meaningful bail reform. A new system or a better system is put into place. The blueprint is charitable bail funds put themselves out of business.”

Clothing as Codeswitching, for BuzzFeed News

Immigrant kids do not learn to flaunt what makes us different. We learn the language of Americana. We learn that we can only trust America with slices of ourselves.


Ball is Life, for Deadspin

Indian-American church basketball is a world all its own


A Theater's Long Fight to Find a Home in Manhattan, for CityLab

If cities want to use zoning to preserve and protect underserved organizations, tighter laws and an eagle-eyed community have to work together to make sure the arts don’t fall through the cracks